How We Build Better Websites

Check out our 10 Point Checklist:


1. WordPress buzzz-it-icons-wordpress

All of our websites are built using WordPress the most popular “content management system” (CMS) in the world – in fact over 25% of all websites on the planet use WordPress!

WordPress is easy to use and incredibly flexible. WordPress is constantly being updated and improved and its capabilities are always being expanded. Many of the worlds top brands use WordPress to power their websites including: Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, The New York Times, CNN, eBay, and more.


2. eCommerce buzzz-it-icons-cart

The Internet has created a new “global” economy and a new way for almost every business to generate more sales. If you have a product or a service that can be sold online then you need an Online Store! Within a week you can be in business online! Adding products, prices, product information and images is so easy. With streamlined, secure payment options your customers can search, find, buy and pay for your products online 24/7. Purchase confirmations and receipts are emailed automatically to customers and their funds are transferred straight to your bank account . . . it’s so easy and convenient!

We create online stores using “WooCommerce” the most popular eCommerce plugin available for WordPress – over 7 million businesses use “WooCommerce” to power their online sales.


3. Social Media social-media

Traditional advertising is expensive, in decline and is mostly ineffective because most people these days don’t like advertising, don’t trust advertising and do all they can to “skip” through ads or avoid them completely. So how do people find out about businesses, products and services? . . . mostly by recommendations from friends, “Google” searches for information and via Social Media. More than 25% of the population on planet Earth have an active FaceBook account, that’s around 1.8 billion people! In your market area hundreds of thousands of people area are making recommendations about businesses and sharing them with their networks of family and friends . . . are they able to find your business on Social Media? Almost all businesses need a FaceBook business page that can be used to share important information with existing and potential customers.

We help clients to integrate FaceBook and other social media networks into their website and online stores. Social media is a powerful FREE tool that you can be using to grow your business online.


4. Customer Database buzzz-it-icons-client-database

Every business needs an up to date database of their customers so that they can keep in contact and potentially generate extra sales. It’s so easy to connect with your customers using targeted direct marketing email campaigns. At the touch of a button you can send all of your customers the latest information about upcoming events, new products and services plus your current special offers and deals. These types of email campaigns also help you get more people to visit your website and improve your rankings with Google search.

We help our clients to setup customer databases and start targeted email marketing campaigns using MailChimp. MailChimp is used by more than 12 million people and businesses to send over a 1 billion emails every day.


6. Google Analytics buzzz-it-icons-analytics

We incorporate “Google Analytics” into every website we build. With Google Analytics installed you can easily track how many people visit your website, what pages they view and interact with, how long they stay on your website, how they found your website and much more. By monitoring your Google Analytics data you can identify weekly, monthly and yearly trends and quickly see if your traditional and online marketing is attracting new visitors to your website.

Now you have a simple way to measure and evaluate all of your advertising and marketing activities.


7. SEO buzzz-it-icons-search

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important and that’s why we ensure your website is SEO optimised to help you rank well with Google search and other popular search engines.

WordPress is SEO optimised, the WordPress “themes” we use are also optimised. We use state of the art SEO plugins to ensure your website complies with current SEO specifications, plus we assist you with your website content and “keywords” development to ensure your website and content can be easily found by your current and potential customers.

WARNING: If you are a small to medium sized business you do not need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month paying “SEO Experts” to add “secret SEO stuff” to your website . . . it’s a waste of your money. Google actually warns that most SEO “experts and companies” are “snake oil salesman”. We save our clients thousands of dollars on unnecessary SEO fees and payments.


8. Security & Backups buzzz-it-icons-cloud

Everyday you will hear news stories about websites and businesses being “hacked” and valuable data being stolen . . . internet security is serious business and we take the security of your website and online stores very seriously.

WordPress is an extremely secure platform and is frequently updated with the very latest security software. We also protect all of our websites with industry leading security plugins that dramatically reduce the chance of your website ever being compromised or taken offline.

With all of the websites that we monitor and care for, we maintain multiple backups of the website and all of its content. If there is ever any unforeseen technical or security issue with your website a current backup can be used to quickly restore your website and get you back online!


9. Training buzzz-it-icons-training

One of the main reasons we use WordPress is because our clients find it so easy to use. Once your website is online we provide online training to show you how to edit text, images, pdf’s etc on your website . . . editing a WordPress website is as easy as using Microsoft Word. We also offer online WordPress training videos that you can view 24/7, the videos show you how to manage and edit every aspect of your website.


10. Maintenance buzzz-it-icons-maintenance

Websites need to be maintained to keep them running at optimum performance and maximum security!

We offer our clients a comprehensive, low cost, pay by the month website maintenance program that ensures your website is always up to date and working perfectly.