Marketing Strategies

The way to market a business and generate sales has changed dramatically in the past decade!

Most business people would agree that running a profitable business is getting harder every year because of growing competition, downward pressure on prices and constant changes in the marketplace.

In an era where most traditional mass marketing media is becoming more and more expensive and increasingly ineffective, almost every business is now being forced to review their old business models and marketing strategies, (that are no longer working), and develop new ‘proactive’ marketing and sales strategies to engage existing and potential new customers in various ways to generate new business, more repeat business and extra sales.

There is still a place for some limited mass marketing, (e.g. the occasional local area letterbox drop campaign, local newspaper etc), but increasingly small ‘targeted’ sales campaigns with clear objectives and goals, a defined target market group and ‘measurable’ sales results will be the way of the future.

New media, (internet marketing, email marketing, social media marketing), plays a part in a modern sales strategy, but is only part of the solution and not the ‘silver bullet’ to solve every marketing problem.

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