Personal Development

Positive Strategies for dealing with a Constantly Changing World

The pressure of running a business, caring for your family and finding time for yourself can be very stressful and challenging in this modern world!

We offer personal development sessions to help people of all ages to understand and deal with the unexpected and dramatic changes that can occur in the workplace, family situations and in personal lives.

If you are dealing with one or more negative situations in your life that are causing you stress, confusion and unhappiness, then you need to know that there is help available to assist you to discover practical, positive options and strategies that can help to lead you to a new and better future.

We assist individuals and groups to understand and deal positively with:

• Feeling stressed and under pressure due to unexpected life changes
• Understanding how to be a more effective ‘boss’ or a leader
• Loss of personal direction / loss of faith / loss of motivation
• Finding it hard to focus and not sure what to focus on
• Experiencing difficulties dealing with change:
…… – Work / Career
…… – Family (Parents / Wife / Partner / Children)
…… – Health and Physical Changes
…… – Dealing with Relationship Breakups or Divorce
…… – Financial Pressure
• Older people feeling like they are ‘Running out of Time’.
…… – “I only have 10 good years left.”

Frank, honest discussions about these topics can assist management and staff to improve relationships in the workplace and at home and to create a more ‘balanced’ lifestyle that can lead to less stress and more happiness!

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Our sessions are also ideal for inclusion in business conventions and staff development workshops.